Mother Bonk'er Donks

A completely BONKers deflationary degenerate NFT collection on Solana

Mint Live $BONK Need $Bonk?

Got BONKED? Mint a DONK!

Last year was tough for Solana and crypto. But we all got bonked, luckily.

DONKEY BONK is a Solana collection of 9,966 donks. Each donk can be minted for 1.5e+7 $BONK, the first Solana dog coin for the people, by the people.

Not degen enough? You can always flip a DONK after minting, trying your luck to get extra $BONK? Or maybe try your luck to get extra lucky and burn your DONK.

undefined / 9966

You will need to get some more $BONK.

Got a DONK?
Time to get BONKED!

Feeling really donk?

Try to flip a DONK and get twice as much $BONK back?

Or if you are really in need of getting bonked, you can always activate the super donk mode and try your chance to get 4x $BONK back.

By doing so, your DONK will be burnt.


Try your luck and get

3e+7 $BONK

or lose 1e+7 $BONK

super donk mode

Last DONK Bonked NaN years ago

undefined DONKs and NaN $BONK burned

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How the bonk
does this work?

degen pool
You Win
You Lose*

*but we all bonking win!

Deflationary NFTs and $BONK burning...

Bonking crazy

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